We owe a big THANK YOU to those that have helped to make this website look awesome and work flawlessly.

    • Bob Gray

      Thank you for spending two days taking photos that are being used throughout the site. You can thank Bob for all his volunteer time at gbob01@gmail.com.

    • Louanne Gilmore-Pontecorvo

      Louanne, and her husband Joe, have been long time members at Cazenovia Country Club. They have both spent extensive hours volunteering at CCC, Joe with his computer, database and software development savvy, and Louanne with wonderful graphics art talent.

      Louanne spent time on the course taking some photos that she felt might be used on the cover of the member directory. Some of those photos are displayed on the background slider of the Members Only page of the website. There are also a few of them mixed in among the background images on the public pages of the site. You may thank Louanne for her contributions at:

      Louanne Gilmore-Pontecorvo
      Gilmore Graphics

    • Vijendra Verma

      I kind of tripped over Vijendra over the internet searching for "Wordpress Professionals". I was having a great deal of difficulties marrying a login page and database to create our "Members Only" page. Vijendra surfaced and was the only reason we have a working login page and database. I was so impressed with him that the club has agreed engage him in maintaining our database with updates as required. You can contact him at:

      Vijendra Verma