• Friday Night Mixed League

      The Friday Night Mixed league will start Friday June 3rd. The league will be an informal league with no season long commitment. There will be a sign up list in the pro shop. Please sign up during the week prior to the Friday you intend to play. You must sign up each week.

      Unlike previous years where the league was strictly for couples, this year it is a mixed league which means you may sign up to play with any combination of male or female players. Although it is encouraged that you play with the majority at 5:30PM it is no longer necessary. You may play any time during the day on Friday.

      A few things you must remember to do:

      1). Sign up in the pro shop

      2). Make your intentions known to Mark Tucker that you intend to play.

      3). Entry fee is $5.00 per person, this is paid in cash in the pro shop prior to playing.

      4). You must understand the rules of the specific game that is being played that day as they will be different each week. Some games will be played as single players, some will require a partner and some will require a 4 some.

      5). You must play the weekly event on the same 9 holes as the rest of the league even if you intend to play 18 holes. You may count the 9 holes as league play when playing the same side as the league.

      6). You must turn in on Friday a score card that has been attested to the pro shop once your play is complete.

      Scoring will be done over the weekend with results posted in the pro shop.

      All money collected will be paid out weekly as cash